Join the vanguard of Healers of the Future by learning a form of health care that is predicated on eliminating the deep underlying cause of illness, thereby allowing the body to return to its own healthy harmonic resonance.  In the future, people will not seek out toxic medications and surgery, but rather will take a more humane approach toward nurturing the body and expressing the emotions and harmonizing the balance between the conscious and subconscious minds, thereby eliminating the terrain that supports dis-ease in all its myriad forms.

The word, coach, is becoming very popular these days and for good reason. A good coach wants to empower you to be the best player you can possibly be. A good coach listens to you without judgment and boosts your morale and holds you in your highest light.

What is unique about the Vibrational Energy Coach? Graduates of this Certification Program have command of 21 healing modalities for finding the Underlying Emotional Cause of imbalance and dis-ease. The training is thorough, and students must give and receive a requisite number of each of these modalities in order to be certified. They are also required to demonstrate an understanding of 47 crystals, 7 colors and 18 essential oils.

This kind of Coach is not going to heal you, because only you have the ability to heal yourself. A Vibrational Energy Coach will encourage you to explore the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual causes of your discomforts, so that your ailments  become catalysts that will challenge you to make profound changes in your life.

One of the most common expressions heard amongst the chelas—spiritual students— of this program is that “this is the one place where I can always be myself because I know that no one is going to judge me.”

Part of the training to become a Vibrational Energy Coach is to be in an environment where people are both giving and receiving unconditional love. This means removing the blocks that prevent forgiveness, releasing old pent-up emotions, and allowing the heart to be open. There is no greater gift than to simply be accepted for who you are.

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