COLOR Healing (Chromotherapy)

Using Colored Light to Balance the Chakras

Much as a prism takes sunlight and breaks it into the seven colors of the rainbow, each of your chakras funnels one of the seven colors of light into your electromagnetic aura that surrounds and energetically feeds your physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. When stress or trauma occur, or a poor diet, these chakras close down to some degree, and are less capable of absorbing the healing and energizing rays. Then it can be helpful to introduce light from an external source, such as a Colored Lamp.

Here are the 7 colors that correspond to the 7 main chakras, according to the Rainbow System:

First Chakra (tailbone area) – Red
Second Chakra ((below the navel) – Orange
Third Chakra (above the navel) – Yellow
Fourth Chakra (at the chest) – Green and Pink
Fifth Chakra (base of neck) – Blue
Sixth Chakra (center of forehead – Indigo (Bluish Purple)
Seventh Chakra (crown of head) – Violet

Colored Lamp

A simple lamp that takes plastic gels is carried by Vita-Gem Enterprises. It sells for just $79 and it comes with 4 gels that can be combined for the basic 12 colors. This is adequate for beginners. 

Roscolene Filters

Darius Dinshah (see below) recommends using high quality plastic Roscolene Filters, which can be ordered from the Dinshah Health Society, individually or as a set.   

Your Aura & Your Chakras

The following excerpt was taken from Vibrational Healing Through the Chakras with Light, Color, Sound, Crystals and Aromatherapy and from Pocket Guide to Chakras by Joy Gardner.

Your energy field or aura precedes you wherever you go, and all your perceptions are colored by that aura. Your ability to deeply appreciate color is an indication of how open your channels are. You may be like the person who sees life through rose-colored glasses, or the one for whom all perceptions must pass through a gray fog. . .

Life is not measured by what happens to you, but how you react to those events. When the chakras are clear and open, you are like a master of martial arts, standing totally relaxed, able to respond instantly and appropriately to whatever comes your way. You are in a state of ready alertness, totally alive and in the moment.

There are many ways to bring color into your life. You can absorb it as colored light; you can apply it to injured bone or tissues in the form of a handheld laser; you can wear it as colored clothing or jewelry; you can ingest it as food, or juice, or colored water; you can take it in through your eyes; or you can visualize it through inner vision.

Red – First Chakra

The dazzling red will intensify whatever you are feeling. It will warm and speed up the molecules. It is the color of passion. It is used sparingly in the flowers, and only for emphasis in the sunsets. It is used to arouse attention and interest. There is balance when red is used sparingly. Do not cut yourself off from passion. It has its place. It is a source of power and self-confidence, which you should always have access to. It is an intensity of energy and anger which is frightening or disturbing to many.

But if you are to be whole, then you will need access to this part of your nature. You may at times need to act forcefully, as a warrior, to defend that which you love. You may need to summon great strength, to move through a difficult situation.

But red is frightening to many people, because they have seen the damage that can be done when it gets out of hand. The red of fire has brought both warmth and misery. The red of anger enables us to feel both intensity and pain. The red of confidence can erupt into egotism and exhibitionism. The red of passion can turn to greed.

The red of anger results in an explosive force, which you perceive as violence. This may express itself as a tantrum, abrasive behavior, belligerence, insult, physical abuse, rape, or even murder. “Seeing red” is an actual phenomenon. This expression of violence often occurs when the use of alcohol or drugs has removed the usual social inhibitions that prevent their expression. An alternate route is indirect expression through illness. Then the violence is expressed through red as inflammation. Nearly every illness involves some aspect of inflammation.

A man who wants his lover to feel amorous toward him will bring her red roses, which stimulate the sexual center at her first chakra. Roses are popular, particularly if they are aromatic, because this gives them a very potent source of vibrational energy.

for more information, see Vibrational Healing Through the Chakras with Light, Color, Sound, Crystals and Aromatherapy and from Pocket Guide to Chakras by Joy Gardner.


Color Healing Book – Let There Be Light by Darius Dinshah

If you want to pursue the medical usage of color healing, I recommend getting a copy of Let There Be Light by Darius Dinshah. He gives instructions for using colored light to treat 331 health conditions.

How to Use the Dinshah Book

His father, Dinshah P. Ghadiali (1873-1966) was born in India, where he studied chemistry, physics and electricity, in addition to his spiritual practices. In 1917 he became a US citizen. He developed a method called The Spectro-Chrome System that uses “tonations,” using one color on a given area, applied directly to the flesh (without clothing), for one hour. He used five color filters of red, yellow, green, blue and violet, and then combined them to obtain the following colors:
red and yellow = orange
yellow and green = lemon
green and blue = turquoise
blue and violet = indigo
violet and yellow = purple
red and violet = magenta
red and blue = scarlet

After Ghadiali’s death, his son Darius changed his name to reflect his father’s more famous first name, becoming Darius Dinshah, and carried on his father’s work by writing Let There Be Light, which was published in 2003. More at Darius Dinshaw’s Website for Let There Be Light

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