Rescue Remedy

Image by Kalalani

Image by Kalalani

Rescue Remedy is a combination of five flower essences, developed by Dr. Edward Bach, and it is part of the Bach Flower Remedies.

Star of Bethlehem, for shock
Rock Rose, for terror and panic
Impatiens, for mental stres and tension
Cherry Plum, for desperation
Clematis, for a feeling of extreme spaciness that may precede fainting or loss of consciousness

Take 3 drops of Rescue Remedy in a cup of cold water or fruit juice, to be sipped frequently or applied externally over a painful area. 3 drops can be put directly under the tongue, or over the blood vessels at the wrists, where it will be absorbed through the bloodstream. It is harmless and can be used every 15 minutes until the person feels calm. It can be used as often as needed. It is safe for children and animals. For animals, put 3 drops in the water or sprinkle over their food.

Use it in any emergency, great or small. Use it when under severe stress. Use it before and during dental appointments. Use it when there is any kind of injury. When a child is injured, give it to the child and to the caretaker. Use it for stage fright or for fear of flying. Use it before taking an exam. It is a universal palliative.

If you have the individual stock bottles, you can prepare Rescue Remedy by nearly filling a one-ounce dropper bottle with Apricot Brandy, then adding just 2 drops from each of the 5 stock bottles. It will retain its strength indefinitely, without refrigeration.

Rescue Remedy and/or the stock bottles can be found at many health food stores, or it can be obtained from the Secretary, Mount Vernon, Sotwell, Wallingford, Berks., 0X10 0PZ, England.