Sound Healing – Vocal Toning

Sound is the original mystical experience of creation.

“In the beginning was the Word.”

The mystics of innumerable cultures agree upon the absolute power of sound. We begin with sound, we are held together by sound, and some day we will return to the cosmic Music of the Spheres.

In virtually every culture, human beings have used toning, chanting and singing to praise their Creator and to heal their bodies and spirits.

Toning—the sustained, vibratory sounding of single tones, often vowel sounds, without the use of melody, rhythm or words—is quickly becoming a valuable tool for spiritually awakening people. Bypassing language entirely, toning allows us to express the heart and soul directly, quieting the over-active left brain.

The human voice is one of our finest tools for healing the body and spirit. Yet it weighs nothing, it costs nothing, and you don’t even have to carry it in your pocket.

(The above are excerpts from Joy’s book, The Healing Voice.)






Joy has two CD’s, Toning the Chakras and Altered States of Planet Earth Both can be ordered through the Store.


 Joy’s book, Vibrational Healing through the Chakras with Light, Color, Sound, Crystals and Aromatherapy may be ordered through the Store.


 A previous book, The Healing Voice, is currently out-of-print, but is available as an eBook at the Store.  


If you live on the Big Island, Joy Gardner and James Lowe (aka Alejo) conduct monthly Sounding Your Soul groups for free on the third Sunday of each month, in Pepeekeo, north of Hilo.  







Individualized Sound Tutoring



Do you long to explore your voice?  Are you looking for a teacher who can support you in finding your own unique vocal expression?  Joy does individualized Sound Tutoring in the form of four private two-hour sessions on Zoom (or in person, if you happen to be on the Big Island).  These sessions are perfectly sculpted to fit the needs of each student. The fee is $500.  Contact Joy Gardner at


“Who needs caffeine when you have sound?  I want to thank you for opening me up even more to sound.  I’m beyond excited!  I’m more and more amazed by the power of sound every day.  My experience with you has shown me how powerful the voice can be!”    — Nanette Sinclaire, Colorado