My experiences in RMA have been magical, transformative, and soul-expanding!

My experiences in the RMA Mystery School have been magical, transformative, and soul-expanding. Never before have I felt more in control of my life. I have learned to let go of a lot that has not served me, and to embrace who I am fully.

I know that there is much work to do, but the techniques Joy has taught me and the knowledge she has shared are definitely sacred and beautiful. I always feel so light and expansive while receiving or giving one of the sessions that we learned in the Program. Personally, I have completed almost 30 sessions and I can tell that this work is going to help me with my purpose and mission.

Joy is an amazing, incredible, wise, caring, and trustworthy Kumu (teacher). My classmates are also very dear to me. From the beginning of my journey with Joy and the others, I felt connected and safe. Joy is very effective at creating a safe space for us all to come as we are. She is non-judgmental and encourages us to be the same way.

I will miss this class and being able to speak with my “soul family” every Sunday, but I’m sure these “Legendary Lightworkers” will go on to spread these gifts to the rest of the world. I highly recommend working with Joy, as she is truly a blessing to this world!