All trauma bears the seeds for transformation. Trauma can teach us and awaken us, be it on a personal, physical, emotional or global level.

If you are living in the world today and you have a high degree of consciousness, there is a strong probability that you are among the “volunteers” who came to help this planet and the people on it to make a major transformation.* We are living in a time of intensity when the contractions of imminent birth could also lead to death, so as things become better they also appear to become worse and both things are true.

During this time of personal and planetary trauma, as you authentically confront and work through your own pain, you take on the role of the wounded healer. You learn to rewire yourself from the inside out, so that you can teach this rewiring to others. That is part of what the RMA Mystery School is all abouta; We provide a safe and sacred space of love for kindred spirits to develop their special gifts, and to create fulfilling careers in energy healing, while raising individual and planetary consciousness.

It all begins on a personal level, with addressing our own pain and the emotional trauma that becomes physical and vice versa. Then there is the collective pain, which reaches from your own circle to the entire planet. Understanding the cycles and characteristics of trauma and its effects on the vibrational network that we all share is the first step to unleashing the power of your own heart, thereby fueling the worldwide grid of life-positive energies —which is actually being measured by an organization called Hearthmath Inc., with devices placed at strategic locations on the planet.

You can hear more about this from Dr. Deborah Rozman, President of Heartmath, Inc. Dr. Rozman will be one of the presenters at our free virtual event “The Power of the Heart – Unraveling the Core of Trauma”, which launches on September 9th. You can also learn about leading-edge methods of healing trauma from four health professionals, myself included, each giving their unique perspectives according to their field of expertise.

You will hear from Peace Troubadour, James Twyman, who takes his Songs of Peace to war-torn nations while thousands of people are meditating for peace. And you will hear from Joan Ocean, who has learned to communicate with whales and dolphins, who urge us to Come from the Heart.

Join us on this journey of exploration!

As we join together, the transformation begins and we can hardly believe how bright the light becomes!

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image of two face with
traumatic weather in
background depicting
trauma and transformation