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Answer Your Calling – Become an Energy Healer – Find your Life Path

Phase 1 - The Certification Program - The Divine School

Do you want to help people break through their blockages and step into the Perfect Health that is their Divine Birthright?  Do you have Inner Gifts that you yearn to put into Service? Do you long to become a person who knows how to listen from the heart, and has the tools to help your clients, family and friends achieve profound and lasting change?  Do you want to create a deeply fulfilling career for yourself?

Whether you have a practice of your own; whether you are a doctor, nurse, psychologist, masseuse, yoga instructor, hairdresser, realtor or bartender, the 21 modalities of Joy Gardner’s Vibrational Energy Coach Certification Program will help you to change your own life while helping others to change theirs.

As you enter the RMA Mystery School, you find yourself in a Divine School of Light Workers. You are in the presence of other seekers who share the desire to become all that they can be. Together you provide a nurturing environment, unconditional love and acceptance, and a safe space to learn and expand.

During the first year, you meet in weekly online webinars, on Zoom, with Joy and no more than 12 other chelas (spiritual students) who will become your “soul family.”

The curriculum for the first year insures that you will become familiar with

The Chakras
The Vibratory Tools of Light, Color, Sound, Crystals and         Aromatherapy
Trance Induction
Hospice Training – Compassionate Listening
Cord-Cutting & Ritual to End A Relationship
Gestalt Dreamwork
Ho’oponopono for Forgiveness
EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique
Spiritual Journeys, Finding Your Spirit Guides
Core Belief Reprogramming
Past Life Regressions
Cellular Consciousness Work (visualizations inside
the human body)

Studies include

The Essene Gospel (from the Dead Sea Scrolls)
Bruce Lipton and Epigenetics
the movie Thrive

During the first Hawaii Intensive, you will experience

Emotional Release Work
Chakra Diagnosis
Sound Healing
Balancing the Chakras with Crystals & Aromatherapy
Vibrational Alignment

Students learn  how to feel the spin of energy at the chakras and how to work with 47 crystals, 7 colors and 18 essential oils while using the above methods to support clients to find and remove the Underlying Cause of Dis-ease. Learn how to unravel the multiple layers of unfinished business that keep us caught up in the wheel of karma.  (For more in-depth descriptions, please go to Workshop  Descriptions.)

Since these tools and skills are precisely the same tools and skills that prepare a person for Ascension, the training to become a Vibrational Energy Coach (whether you become Certified or not) is the perfect introduction to the next phase of the RMA Mystery School. Those chelas (spiritual students) who are highly motivated to pursue their own spiritual evolution may proceed to Phases 2 & 3.

“Joy, every time I experience the joy and satisfaction of seeing my patients reunite with their High Self or Spirit Guides during a session, I cry tears of joy and say a big, ‘God, please bless Joy Gardner for this!’”

Dr. Stephanie Cabala Olazabal, Lima, Peru

Phase 2 – The Education

During the second year, students have the opportunity to study with other members of the faculty who are proficient in their related fields, many of whom are RMA graduates. 

The group meets with one of these instructors once a month:     
Dr. Stephanie Cabala Olazabal on Expressive Arts Therapy
Angela Rosa, RN, on Food as Medicine
David Eastoe on Developing your Intuition, The Western Mystery Tradition, and Tuning in to Plants Maximilian Webster on Working with Your Guides
Yan Quadfel on Homeopathy

Joy Gardner continues teaching once a month, including classes on
Life Between Lives
Quantum Physics, Nassim Haramein and Sacred Geometry
Lynn McTaggart’s The Field 

During the second Hawaii Intensive, you will experience
Releasing Earthbound Spirits with Joy Gardner
Carolyn Mondress on Holotropic Breathwork, Qigong and EMDR
Fabi Vichek on Animal Communication – at her stables
Three-day Vision Quest and Waterfall Ritual

Meet the Faculty and read more about their Classes

Another aspect of your development—if you choose it— will be bringing your work out in public. Everyone will be encouraged (but not required) to do some teaching within your group. These monthly meetings with each other (“student-led”) will be for sharing your skills, working on each other, and supporting each other in your personal and spiritual development. You will become increasingly comfortable with moving into a leadership role, whether you are becoming the leader of a holistic healing center or taking charge of your own team of angelic guides.

“I’m feeling more confident, not afraid of authority figures. A lot of my resentment has gone away. The most important change is that I can be gentler with myself and in my relationships with others now.”

Jan Joy Sax, Speech Pathologist Kailua, HI

Phase 3 – The Communion

We give each other mutual support, encouragement, acknowledgement and unconditional love as we lift each other up. This is when you begin to move into your Priestess/Priesthood as you continue the evolution of your Soul. Deep Meditations focus on Channeling and accessing Guidance from Spirit Guides and from our own Ascended Selves on topics that are set in present time.

You will always be a chela (a spiritual student), as I am, because we are always learning. But instead of learning primarily from me, you are now learning equally from one another and directly from Spirit. This is how we collectively move into our Ascended Selves, creating a hotline to Spirit, establishing continuous Guidance in everything we do. This is when we create a Group Mind. We do incredible healing as a group. This is a time when we become of Service—to each other and to the community, in whatever way we are Called.


“I am totally grateful to Joy and all my classmates for this fulfilling experience on my life’s spiritual/healing journey. Joy is a unique healer/guide/intuitive with a life’s long experience in an incomparably wide range of healing and spiritual modalities. She has opened new doors for me. Her passion and caring nature have been such a blessing in my life. The class environment is so special; it is the only place where I can speak totally freely about my spiritual life experiences, to a whole group of open and non-judgmental friends/associates. Thank you all!”

Alan Barrecca, TM Instructor

We continue a perpetual process of self-healing, self-renewal, and rejuvenation through diet, exercise, fasting, cleansing, energy healing, Cellular Consciousness and out-of-body explorations. We do healings and channelings for one another and support each other through our own life experiences and sessions with clients. Those who are teaching and seeing clients share their experiences and get support from the group and from Joy, as a form of Continuing Education. Students continue to meet once a month for half-hour sessions with Joy.

As the group becomes increasingly coherent, our collective influence increases exponentially as we accomplish seemingly miraculous healings and manifestations for ourselves, for others, for the planet and the cosmos.

By the time we’re done with a meeting, the oxytocin is certainly flowing freely, because we all seem to have a euphoric loving feeling and an overwhelming sense of Gratitude and Bliss.

In this excerpt from Crystals and Aromatherapy
Joy Gardner talks about using crystals, essential oils and color for the third chakra, and she describes
“How to read a stone.”

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