David Riklan Interviews Joy Gardner

Do you have an inner calling to be a Healer?

Do you have an inner calling to be a Healer?Are you interested in expanding your knowledge or skills in Holistic Healing, Energy Healing, and Vibrational Healing?Then, join us today while I interview Joy Gardner on the power of Healing. For more details on her programs or to contact her directly, go to https://www.rmamysteryschool.com/

Posted by SelfGrowth.com on Sunday, August 18, 2019

Definition of Vibrational Healing

Every aspect of the body, mind, and spirit has a distinct frequency that can be measured and altered. Each has a range of frequencies that are healthy and those that are unhealthy or out of balance. The body and soul are made up of frequencies that form a harmonic whole when a person is in balance. When the frequencies fall out-of-tune due to stress and tension, this results in dis-ease. Vibrational Healing (also known as Vibrational Medicine) is the art and science of consciously bringing those vibrational frequencies back into harmonic alignment through the use of vibratory tools, including light, color, sound, crystals and aromatherapy. 

Chakra Diagnosis

A Vibrational Alignment™ (see below) begins with Chakra Diagnosis, in which the practitioner feels the spin of energy at the feet, knees, hips, and each of the seven major chakras along the central axis of the body. The ability to feel or sense energy is called clairsentience and 95% of the people who study with me have learned to feel this energy with their hands, with a crystal “wand,” or with a pendulum.  Each chakra has seven degrees of openness. The practitioner can  feel the spin of energy at each chakra and sub-chakra. When a chakra is open, it is about the span of the person’s hand and about the pace of a healthy heart. If it is bigger or smaller, faster or slower, this indicates that there may be an imbalance in the chakra. 

Vibrational Alignment™

Vibrational Alignment™ is a modality that is taught and practiced exclusively by myself, Joy Gardner, and my Certified Vibrational Energy Coaches. Once the problem areas are identified through Chakra Diagnosis, the practitioner uses the Vibratory Tools bring the chakras into balance. Oils may be applied to the areas of the chakras or simply inhaled. Stones may be placed on the areas of the chakras or other parts of the body. The practitioner may make vocal sounds, or encourage the client to do so. A laser or a colored lamp may be used.

Meanwhile, the practitioner talks with the client, supporting him or her to find the Underlying Cause of the imbalance. Once this is identified, the practitioner may use a wide range of modalities to help clear up the underlying cause, including Core Belief Work, Emotional Release, Past Life Regressions, Visualization, and Releasing Earthbound Spirits. Once harmony is restored, the disease tends to lose its grip and often falls away.

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