Bamboo Bathhouse

The Bamboo Bathhouse, with an exotic outdoor jet shower and huge tub, in the middle of a lush bamboo grove.  It has a big water trough that’s a cross between a Japanese furo and a hot tub. At 1000 feet elevation, in the cool night air, with an absence of street lights and a clear plastic roof, you can sit in your hot bath and soak up the sparkling night sky.  Or experience being in the middle of a storm, with water pouring down on all sides of you, while you are snug in your hot tub.

Some of my fondest experiences in Hawaii are taking an outdoor shower among the Hawaiian flowers and foliage, hopping into a huge water trough in the middle of a field with a couple girlfiends and then lying out in the sun, and taking a Japanese Furo bath at night, by candlelight, up in Volcano. I want to share these wonderful experiences with my friends and guests.