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September 21, 2023.
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  The RMA Mystery School

The RMA Mystery School and Vibrational Energy Coach
Certification Program is taught online in 3 separate modules or phases.  Students may take one phase or two or all three.  In the beginning, just sign up for the first phase—the first year.  The Certification Program is contained within the first phase.  

Due to COVID-19 and subsequent reduced enrollment, we have changed the Program so that the weekly classes are not produced live by Joy Gardner.  Fortunately, all of the classes have been recorded, which gives us the option of  enrolling one student at a time, so that you can watch the classes on your own schedule.


You will meet with a Graduate Student, who will accompany you throughout the Program and meet with you at least once a month, to discuss the videos and your experience with the modalities that you will be learning. These meetings will be scheduled at a time that is mutually agreeable.

In most cases, you will be watching 2 videos per month (they are each 2-3 hours long), and you will have an opportunity to both give and receive each of the modalities that you will learn.  Your Teaching Assistant will perform each modality on you, and you will be expected to perform each modality on a friend, or another student, or your Teaching Assistant.

When you apply for the Program, you will be interviewed by Joy, and during the first month or two, you will receive a live online Vibrational Alignment from Joy (this will take about two hours).  After that, you will receive a live half-hour Zoom session with Joy, once every two months. 

Phase 1 –  11 months 

Phase 1 incorporates the Vibrational Energy Coach Certification program and the RMA Mystery School. During the first year, students learn 21 modalities of energy healing.


  • Monthly 2-1/2 hour recorded internet classes, taught by Joy Gardner
  • One live class per month, which may include other students and teachers
  • 1/2 hour private time per month with your own Teaching Assistant
  • An in-person online Vibrational Alignment session with Joy Gardner during the first month or two
  • Certification as a Vibrational Energy Coach (if desired – after meeting all requirements)
  • Reduced rate for Private Healing sessions with Joy Gardner ($90 reduced from  $150) or one of the Teaching Assistants
  • 4 free eBooks by Joy: Color & Crystals, The Healing Voice, Body/Mind Journeys & Joyous Food
  • Option of continuing with Phase 2 – if approved by Joy

Tuition:  The tuition is $75-150 per month, sliding scale (according to what you can afford), payable on the first day of each month.  All payments are nonrefundable.

Required Listening and Viewing:

   •  Vibrational Healing through the Chakras with Light, Color, Sound, Crystals and Aromatherapy book by Joy Gardner  ($19.95)
•  Toning the Chakras by Joy Gardner – digital downloads  ($12)
•  Crystals and Aromatherapy   by Joy Gardner – downloads ($199)

To Register

1 – Fill out the Questionnaire

2 – Joy will contact you within a week to set up an Interview.

3 – If you are accepted into the Program, you will be asked to place yourself on the Sliding Scale for monthly tuition.

4 – Once you pay whatever monthly amount you agree upon, you will be Registered for the current Program, and you will have paid your Tuition for the first month.

5 – You will also be required to purchase the items listed above, under Required Listening and Viewing.

6 –  You will receive these 4 free eBooks by Joy.  You can read about them in the Store.

Color & Crystals
The Healing Voice
Body/Mind Journeys
Joyous Food

This Program will also be offered in ROMANIA, by Mirela Fatu.  The videos will be in English, but the monthly sessions with Mirela will be in Romanian.  Joy’s book is available in a Romanian translation. More information about this will be posted soon.

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