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Sounding Your Soul

Sunday, July 21, 10-12 pm  

No charge.

Please call 808-345-5838 to confirm that we will be meeting.  These meetings are usually held on the Second Sunday of each month.

Optional potluck at noon
in Pepeekeo, 7 miles north of Hilo on the Big Island
At the Gear at 11 mi – turn uphill 2.8 miles -watch for grove of pine trees on right and gravel rd on Left – then go Right and go straight uphill to first house on Right. Park on left.

see Facebook:  Sounding Your Soul Group

We’ll be meeting at Kathleen & Jerry Paduano’s beautiful house, high on the hill in Pepeekeo,  north of Hilo, just south of the green 11 mile marker, at 28-900 Kaupakuea Homestead Rd.

Your GPS may not work, so at the Gear in Pepeekeo (it’s a symbol for the sugar plantation)  go mauka/uphill on Kaupakuea Homestead Rd. for 2.8 miles. As you approach the driveway on the right, you will see a grove of pine trees on the right and you will pass a gravel road on the left. There will be a sign with 3 addresses on it, including 28-900.  As you turn right onto the driveway, there will be a fork. Go straight uphill on the “private road,” to the first house on the right. Park on the left and come on in.

Call 808-345-5838 for more information

Calendar & Fees for
The RMA Mystery School
and Vibrational Energy Coach 
Certification Program, 2019-20

The RMA Mystery School is taught online in 3 separate modules or phases.  Students may take one phase or two or all three.  In the beginning, just sign up for the first phase—the first year.  The Certification Program is contained within the first phase.  

Enrollment is now open for the 2019-20 Program. Please fill out the Questionnaire.  This is not a commitment.  Once we receive your Questionnaire, we will contact you to schedule an hour interview with Joy, to feel out whether the school will be a good fit.

Fee:  $250 month for 11 months, payable at the end of each month.  Once you are approved by Joy, you will be registered when you pay for the first month and purchase the DVD set on Crystals and Aromatherapy(for $300) or the digital version (for $250). Partial scholarships are available (ask for an Application for Assistance).

Sign up NOW with the first month’s payment, and grab one of the 10 openings, which are already filling up, and be sure that you will have input in deciding when the classes will be held.  Claim your four free eBooks and schedule your first free monthly half-hour session with Joy Gardner. Begin reading the books and watching the recordings so you’ll be truly ready when class begins in mid-September.

Phase 1 – mid September 2019 to end of July 2020

Phase 1 incorporates the Vibrational Energy Coach Certification program and the RMA Mystery School and 11 days in Hawaii. During the first year, students learn 21 modalities of energy healing.

Phase 1 includes:

  • weekly live 2-1/2 hour internet classes, mostly with Joy Gardner
  • 1/2 hour private time per month with Joy
  • 11 day in-person Intensive in Hawaii
  • 1 in-person Vibrational Alignment session with Joy or one of her Certified Vibrational Energy Coaches (usually in Hawaii)
  • Certification as a Vibrational Energy Coach (if desired – after meeting all requirements)
  • Option of continuing with Phase 2

All payments are nonrefundable.

Payments are due at the end of each month, for the following month. A late payment fee of $25 will be charged, unless prior arrangements are made (the purpose of this is not to penalize you and make things harder, but rather to urge you to communicate about your situation in advance, so we know what to expect).

Other Expenses
During the 10-day Hawaii Intensive, you will be responsible for room and board at about $99 per night. In 2019-20, the first Intensive will probably be in  May 2020 on the Big Island of Hawaii, at a cost of $1089.  A 50% nonrefundable payment ($545) for the room and board portion of the intensive will be due by February 1 of 2020. The balance will be due by April 1.  Other expenses are:

Schedule for the May 2020 Intensive of
The RMA Mystery School
and Vibrational Energy Coach Certification Program




NOTE: The first 3 workshops are open to the public (if there is space, and with Joy’s approval). The last workshop (Vibrational Alignment) is only for students who are graduating from the current Phase 1 Program. The cost to non-students of the Program is $150 per day for the workshops (partial tuition and kama’aina reductions are available). Food and Lodging available.  Write to if you are not in the Program and would like to enroll.

Dates are not yet finalized.


  • ** All Certification students are required to receive one in-person Vibrational Alignment from Joy or one of the Certified Practitioners.

    *Note:  Joy’s most popular workshop, Crystals and Aromatherapy–Balancing the Chakras, is available in DVD format. A similar workshop will be taught, in person, during the May Intensive. Students in the Program are asked to do both, because a tremendous amount of information is covered.

    Phase 2 

    During Phase 2, you will deepen your knowledge and experience as you continue to meet with Joy and with other instructors who are proficient in related fields, ending with 7-10 days in Hawaii, for an optional Vision Quest and Waterfall Ritual. Enrollment in Phase 2 is open only to graduates of Phase 1.

    Phase 2 includes:

    • 3 weeks of internet classes per month for 12 months including
      • once monthly live 2-3 hour internet class with Joy
      • once monthly live 2-hour internet class with guest instructors
      • once monthly student-led class
    • ½-hour private time per month with Joy
    • unlimited email access to Joy and her Certified Coaches to answer questions about your clients
    • 7-10 days in Hawaii – including an optional Vision Quest and Waterfall Ritual
    • option of continuing on to Phase 3

    Fee:  $150 per month for 12 months, payable at the end of each month.  Partial scholarships are available (ask for an Application for Assistance).

    Other Expenses
    You will be responsible for room and board, at about $99 per night for 7-10 nights.


    • Phase 3 
    • During Phase 3, the most devoted chelas (spiritual students) work exclusively with Joy,

    • Phase 3 includes:
    • 2  internet classes per month with Joy on topics that will unfold spontaneously
    • 1 student-led class per month
    • weekly Power of Eight group (optional)
    • ½-hour private time per month with Joy
    • unlimited email access to Joy or her graduate students, to answer questions about your clients
    • 7-10 days in Hawaii, dates and location TBA (optional)
  • Fee:  $100 per month for 12 months, payable at the end of each month.  Partial scholarships are available (ask for an Application for Assistance).
  • Other Expenses
    You will be responsible for room and board at the optional Hawaii Retreat, at about $99 per night for 7-10 nights.





These workshops and seminars cover a broad range of topics including: energy healing, vibrational healing, vibrational medicine, chakra balancing, depossession, holistic healing, past life regressions, shamanism, sound healing, toning, improvisational music, aromatherapy, energy medicine, crystal healing, gemstone healing, past life regressions, chakra healing, color or colour healing, color therapy, chromotherapy, spiritual healing, spiritual journeys, personal transformation, underlying cause of dis-ease, Chakra Diagnosis, Vibrational Alignment and releasing earthbound spirits, core belief work, self-hypnosis, cellular consciousness, spiritual journeys, manifestation, rejuvenation and ascension.

We Invite You to Join Us at RMA Mystery School

Learn Energy Medicine, Energy Healing, Manifestation, Rejuvenation, Ascension, Emotional Healing, Holistic Healing, Crystal Healing, Color Healing, Spiritual Health, Regression Therapy, Sound Therapy and other New Age Alternative Medicine technologies with proven workshops and seminars from an expert in Vibrational Healing and Vibrational Medicine. A Certification Program is also available.