RMA Mystery School

The RMA Mystery School and Vibrational Energy Coach
Certification Program is taught online in 3 separate modules or phases.  Students may take one phase or two or all three.  In the beginning, just sign up for the first phase—the first year.  The Certification Program is contained within the first phase.  

Phase 1 –  September 16, 2019 to July 20,2020*
Classes are currently scheduled for Mondays at 6:30 PST
Note:  if this time does not work for you, please contact us.  We are still flexible about the time.

Phase 1 incorporates the Vibrational Energy Coach Certification program and the RMA Mystery School and 11 days in Hawaii. During the first year, students learn 21 modalities of energy healing.

Note: We will continue to accept applications through the end of November, but students will be required to pay for and watch the recordings of the classes that they missed.

Phase 1 includes:

  • weekly live 2-1/2 hour internet classes, mostly with Joy Gardner
  • 1/2 hour private time per month with Joy ($45 value each month)
  • 11 day in-person Intensive in Hawaii ($1500 value)
  • 1 in-person Vibrational Alignment session with Joy or one of her Certified Vibrational Energy Coaches (usually in Hawaii)
  • Certification as a Vibrational Energy Coach (if desired – after meeting all requirements) ($150 value)
  • Reduced rate for Private Healing sessions with Joy Gardner ($90 reduced from  $150)
  • Option of continuing with Phase 2 (priceless)

Tuition:  Once you are accepted, the tuition is $150-300 per month, sliding scale (according to what you can afford), payable at the end of the previous month.  Tuition includes 4 free eBooks by Joy Gardner: Color & Crystals, The Healing Voice, Body/Mind Journeys & Joyous Food, and a 1/2 hour private monthly session with Joy. All payments are nonrefundable.  If you are sincere in your desire to Serve, don’t let money stand in your way. Scholarships and Trades are available. We will teach you to become a Manifestor.

Other Expenses
During the 11-day Hawaii Intensive, you will be responsible for room and board at about $65-80 per night. In 2019-20, the Intensive will be in  May 2020 on the Big Island of Hawaii, at a cost of $715-880.  A 50% nonrefundable payment ($360-440) for the room and board portion of the intensive will be due by February 1 of 2020. The balance will be due by April 1.  While at the Intensive, 4-5 students generally rent a car together, plus gas, for 10 days, for about $100 each

Required Listening and Viewing:

   •  Vibrational Healing through the Chakras with Light, Color, Sound, Crystals and Aromatherapy book by Joy Gardner
•  Toning the Chakras by Joy Gardner – digital downloads
•  Crystals and Aromatherapy   by Joy Gardner – downloads (usual price is $250 – student discount price is $150)


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Schedule for the May 2020 Hawaii Intensive (May 5-16)

  • ** All Certification students are required to receive one in-person Vibrational Alignment from Joy or one of the Certified Practitioners. 

    Phase 2 

    During Phase 2, you will deepen your knowledge and experience as you continue to meet with Joy and with other instructors who are proficient in related fields, ending with 7-10 days in Hawaii, for an optional Vision Quest and Waterfall Ritual. Enrollment in Phase 2 is open only to graduates of Phase 1.

    Phase 2 includes:

    • 3 weeks of internet classes per month for 12 months including
      • once monthly live 2-3 hour internet class with Joy
      • once monthly live 2-hour internet class with guest instructors
      • once monthly student-led class
    • ½-hour private time per month with Joy
    • unlimited email access to Joy and her Certified Coaches to answer questions about your clients
    • 7-10 days in Hawaii – including an optional Vision Quest and Waterfall Ritual
    • option of continuing on to Phase 3

    Fee:  $100-200 per month for 11 months, payable at the end of the previous month.  

    Other Expenses
    You will be responsible for room and board, at about $99 per night for 7-10 nights.

  • NOTE: The first 3 workshops are open to the public (if there is space, and with Joy’s approval). The last workshop (Vibrational Alignment) is only for students who are graduating from the current Phase 1 Program. The cost to non-students is $150 per day for the workshops (kama’aina reductions are available).   Ask about Food and Lodging.  Email Us  if you are not in the Program and would like to enroll.
    • Phase 3 

      During Phase 3, the most devoted chelas (spiritual students) work exclusively with Joy,

    • Phase 3 includes:
    • 1  internet class per month with Joy on topics that will unfold spontaneously
    • 1 student-led class per month
    • weekly Power of Eight group (optional)
    • ½-hour private time per month with Joy
    • unlimited email access to Joy or her graduate students, to answer questions about clients
    • 7-10 days in Hawaii, dates and location TBA (optional)
  • Fee:  $75-150 per month for 11 months, payable at the end of each month.  
  • Other Expenses
    You will be responsible for room and board at the optional Hawaii Retreat, at about $99 per night for 7-10 nights.

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