Kate DeVore
Chicago, Ill
(773) 750-2030
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Kate DeVore is a Reiki Master Teacher who is certified in Vibrational Healing and Magnified Healing®. She also has an M. A. in Communication Disorders (AKA speech pathology), and has worked as a voice therapist through her business, Total Voice, Inc., as well as at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, a teaching affiliate of Harvard Medical School. In that arena, Kate gained significant experience counseling people with issues related to stress, anxiety, expression, and self worth. She has also worked at the Resurrection Center for Integrative Medicine in Chicago, offering Reiki and Mind-Body Medicine.  In her healing practice, she practices heart-centered, intuitive counseling to assist people in identifying the core underlying issues from which more apparent surface issues arise.  Using a variety of modalities, she helps people clear, balance, heal, express, discover, and rejoice.

Kate bridges the worlds of science and art in both her voice and healing work. She has a unique ability to integrate scientific principles and theories with artistic and holistic training modalities.  Kate is able to synthesize information and impart its essence clearly and simply.  Her style involves warmth and humor.

Kate is co-author of “The Voice Book: Caring For, Protecting, and Improving Your Voice” (Chicago Review Press, see www.TotalVoice.net for details), and The Laryngeal Teaching Series edutainment DVDs (www.LoveYourVoice.com).  These are both highly recommended by Joy. Kate is also co-creator of downloadable dialect training materials for actors (www.AccentHelp.com), and creator of downloadable self-study materials for clear speech (www.GeneralAmericanAccent.com).