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Blanche Blacke is considered a modern shaman. Shamans are specialists in the human soul and mediators between the spirit world and human beings.

Blanche is dedicated to alleviating the suffering of the world by assisting individuals reach a greater potential for creativity, personal achievement, happiness and physical health. With the gift of high sensory perception and energy healing, she can reveal, explain and aid in healing the energetic component of emotional, physical and other issues through the chakra system. She has been facilitating individual sessions since 1994.

In addition to chakra analysis and energy healing sessions, she can also aid those who suffer from excessive grief, unresolved issues with those who have passed, past-life karma, exorcisms and other esoteric concerns.

Blanche has traveled extensively, facilitating individual sessions and group classes in the U.S. and in Britain. Blanche Blacke’s School of Chakra Energy Consciousness is a comprehensive system of understanding the chakras and learning to shift one’s own energy patterns.

Blanche has lectured and presented workshops at the Whole Life Expo, Body Mind Spirit Convention, Wellness Information Network, the Sound Healer’s Colloquium and various regional expos. A professional member of the International Society of the Study of Subtle Energy Medicine (ISSSEEM), Noetic Sciences and the Sound Healers Association, she has many endorsements.

She began performing and spiritual practice at a young age. In 1993, a near-death experience initiated a connection to the spirit realm and her healing gifts. She then apprenticed with master shaman Joy Gardner Gordon for five years that led to co-developing workshops and assistant teaching intensives, in Hawaii, until early 1999.

September 1999 was a pivotal, when she founded both Blanche Blacke’s School of Chakra Energy Consciousness and the multi-media performance ensemble Shakura World Theatre.

After a private session with Blanche, many people have experienced:

  • Increased energy and efficiency

  • Spiritual and emotional insights

  • Enhanced positive outlook

  • Relief from physical pain

  • Insight into cause of ailments

  • Ability to fully grieve and let go

  • Positive career changes

  • Deeper understanding in relationships

  • Freedom from emotional pain from the past