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Big Island, Hawaii
In Hilo (Waiakea Uka)
808 345-5838
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“Joy Gardner is a true Shamaness, a world expert in a rare mind-body technology that eradicates, transforms and integrates old memories, experiences, and habit patterns. She uses esoteric and leading-edge techniques to effectively and rapidly clear the individual through her own form of modern-day alchemy.
— Don Altfeld, MD, California

I call myself a Gardener of Joy. The goal of Gardening Joy is to create a joyful flow of energy throughout the heart, body, mind and spirit. This is done by rooting out anything that prevents you from being fully present and aligned with All That Is. We work on the underlying cause of dis-ease with Vibrational Alignment and Chakra Diagnosis.

I can feel the spin of energy at each of your seven chakras (energy centers along the spine). Wherever the energy is excessive or deficient, I can detect subtle dysfunctions and the reasons behind imbalances. Then I use vibratory tools (crystals, toning, aromatherapy) to help bring the energies into balance.

Through Core Belief Work, we identify and reprogram old dysfunctional beliefs that may be lingering in your subconscious. Through Emotional Release Work, we release anger or sorrow that may be trapped in your energy body, resulting in depression, lack of energy, addiction, or physical ailments. I also do Past Life Regressions, Life Between LIves (LBL), Hypnotic CDs, Life Path Counseling, Spiritual Journeys, and Releasing Earthbound Spirits.

I work in the tradition of the Shamana and Medicine Woman. My teachers include Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, Bethal Phaigh, and wisdom holders among native American and Hawaiian traditions. I am the Director of the Vibrational Healing Program, now in its 24th year.

I am also available for private sessions by phone , including Counseling, Core Belief Work, Spiritual Journeys, Hypnotic CDs, Path Life Regressions, Grief Work, Chakra Diagnosis, Life Between LIves and Vibrational Alignment. Please email me to schedule an appointment, which can be done by phone or with Skype.

A Vibrational Alignment—the main work I do—works like this. We start out by chatting for awhile, getting to know one another. Then when we’re ready, I begin to feel the spin of energy at your major and minor chakras. I can do this long distance. I describe what I feel to you, and this is like doing a psychic reading for each energy center; a lot of information tends to come through. It tends to open up more conversations.

Meanwhile, whenever it feels helpful, I will use a crystal or an essential oil at the appropriate chakras (if we’re working long distance, I can do this here, on my imaginary hologram of your body, and you can also do it where you are, if you have the crystals or oils, and if not, I will describe them to you and you can visualize them).

I will continue to work with each chakra until it comes into balance. It’s kind of like putting together a puzzle, because the information at one chakra will often relate to something at another chakra. For example, the left side of the body is your feminine side and may be influenced by your mother. Your left hip holds the energy of your mother during the first few years of your life and while you were in the womb. The knees are about responsibility and how you feel about it. So if you have a pain in your left knee, and if the energy there is excessive, it could be that your mother was a workaholic, and didn’t take much time out for you when you were a baby, and that you adapted to the situation by becoming a workaholic yourself.

Sessions are from 1-1/2 to 2 hours and the fee is $150*. The Life Between Lives work takes 3-4 hours and the fee is $300. I see many clients via the internet, and I also see clients at my home office on the Big Island of Hawaii, between Hilo and Waimea.

If you come from off-island, ask about renting my Guest Room.

Another exciting option is to set up an individualized Mentorship Program, where we will work together to design private weekly sessions based on your individualized goals.

“Joy is a warm, tender and huggable healer. She recognizes, honors and nurtures the whole person, especially the fragile and often wounded inner child, who can feel trust and joy in her capable and loving hands.”
— Patricia Mayfield, Calgary, AB

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