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I have been a Vibrational Healer certified by Joy Gardner’s Vibrational Healing Program since 1997, when I went to Molokai, Hawaii, to learn from Joy how to feel energy and to work with it using sound in the form of toning, light, color and crystals; how to do past life regressions, spiritual journeys (I’ll never forget the one on which Joy led me), underlying cause and vibrational alignments, including stone layouts.

I was raised in a family that was in tune with all things metaphysical. My parents were interested in telepathy and psychic phenomena, Edgar Cayce and ESP among other topics, and talked to me about them. I remember my father asking me to “guess” what the next card would be from a deck of cards with funny designs on them like a star or wavy lines. I later learned this was a deck used to test psychic ability. I think I missed as many as I got right.

My first memories about complementary healing occurred when I was about six years old and really sick. My parents placed a long distance phone call (only done in those days when it was extremely important) to my great-Aunt Martha, who was an osteopath and radionics practitioner. She would diagnose and treat me from her office in Paris, KY, and I always got well.

I soon learned that I didn’t talk about great-Aunt Martha’s healing work with my friends because they’d laugh and make fun of me. So my interests simmered. When I was 13, I knew I wanted to learn to do what great-Aunt Martha did, but a few months later she made her transition at the age of 83. I thought that was the end of the road for my desire to become a healer because surely no one else in the world could do what she did.

Over the years, I read everything I could find about psychic phenomena, telepathy, ESP, clairaudience and remote viewing. But the healing side of energy work lay withering in a corner somewhere.

At the same time, I was evolving my own ideas about how the world and its energies worked, based on my own experiences, particularly with manifestation. I started noticing that if I said certain things in certain ways, they happened! My spiritual philosophy was also evolving. When I was in my twenties, a co-worker (a former Jesuit priest) told me that my ideas were quite metaphysical. I wasn’t even sure what metaphysical meant!

Then, in 1995, I saw a video of a Touch For Health treatment with a description of the energy meridians and kinesiology. After the video there was a demonstration of kinesiology. I was mesmerized. The three hours passed in a flash. I knew I wanted to learn to do it, though it was several years before I did.

The next year I began taking classes at the Holistic Coaching Institute and was later attuned as a Reiki Master. After reading an article by Joy Gardner in a local metaphysical newspaper, I called her to find out more about Vibrational Healing. That resulted in my becoming a Certified Vibrational Healer in her program.

As part of the certification process, I had to do a number of treatments of several sorts and send Joy the feedback sheets. One client who didn’t know much about complementary healing, but had an open mind, was a subject for a Vibrational Alignment stone layout. About halfway through he said, “I don’t know what you’re doing, but it sure feels good.” What a confirmation. He could feel the stones working.

Past Life Regressions are a favorite with clients. They are amazed by the experiences the messages they receive that help them with issues in their current lives. I now work with color and light in combination with other modalities in my practice. In addition to being a Certified Vibrational Healer, I am a Reiki Master Teacher, Advanced Pranic Healer and a Sound Therapy Practitioner using the Solfeggio tuning forks. My practice consists primarily of working above the body with the body’s energy fields.

I live in East Tennessee near a town called Madisonville where I practice with my husband, Dale. Our practice is called Mountain Harmony Wellness where we do treatments and teach classes in Reiki, meditation, meridians and others.