Lissin Lev Chaim
(650) 359-1498
Pacifica, CA (near San Francisco)
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Experience Vibrational Healing with Lissin
We are all vibration. When we are vibrating at our highest frequency, everything in our life feels in balance, and things “click” into place. Many circumstances affect our energy fields and can throw our vibrations off, from physical and emotional trauma to stress, childhood wounds, or picking up other’s “negative vibes.”
In Vibrational Healing we work together to balance the body’s energy centers and release negative patterns using sound and toning, color, gemstones, aromatherapy, and the magical vibrations of the ocean.
Lissin is an intuitive and gentle healer who believes in the healing power of the human voice. A classical singer for fifteen years, she was guided in 1993 to expand beyond the realm of performing and to use her voice for healing. Since then Lissin has developed a dynamic and highly effective technique called Sound Massage and has studied with sound healer Karin Schelde and extensively with Joy Gardner’s Vibrational Healing Program.

Sessions take place at Lissin’s home–just 20 minutes from San Francisco–in a beautiful secluded cove on the beach where the healing songs of the ocean escalate the vibratory experience.
“I never felt so good, so relaxed and so at peace in my life. I felt unburdened and free. I felt like I was me.”
Roz Isaac, Half Moon Bay, CA
Vibrational Healing sessions can include Sound Massage, Vibrational Alignment, Spiritual Journeys, Reiki and more and are intuitively tailored to each individual’s needs. Sliding scale available.

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