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Vibrational Healer, Reiki Master, Angel Therapy, Shamanic Medicine – Munay Ki

Get up! Learn! Evolve!

I learned that in order to cultivate a state of well-being and balance it is important to look at us, more precisely  within us.

How else can we know ourselves if we don’t look  inside us? And how can we do that,  if we are always busy with the world and what is happening outside of us? How will we get to know each other?

Well,  if you want to make a change in your priorities and decide that the  time has come to take care of yourself, all these sessions create a space where you can express yourself exactly how you are and what you feel deep within your being. It connects you with your emotions.

This is how we learned to experience life through emotions, and if these emotions are within us, then the answers are also within us.

When we talk about emotional imbalances or even diseases it is appropriate to look inside us,  and we can do it with the help of the sessions described below:

For this, I use: Vibrational Alignment; Past Life Regression; Cast of Charatcter; Cellular Consciousness; Spiritual Jouneys; Core Belief Re programming; Emotional Release; Ritual for ending a relationship; Chakra Balancing

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