Terry Garthwaite
nJoy Music box 14
San Geronimo CA 94963

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Sundays @ 4:00 @ the Fairfax Community Church


a comfortable environment for experiencing, exploring, sharing the joyous energy of singing and sound

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  1. Spirit Journey: a wisdom journey along the path of your own imagination
  2. Core Belief Excavation: uncovering outdated beliefs and revisioning, rebuilding your support system
  3. Stone Layout: balancing the chakras through the energy of stones and tones
  4. 4-Element Meditation: guidance through elemental visualization
  5. Vibrational Alignment: aligning one’s energy fields–body and spirit–through toning, stone layout, and excavating the past.
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Arts, Crafts, Music Retreat
An annual creativity camp in August at Wellspring, Philo, CA. Singing and creating songs and sounds from deep within. I will be your guide through spirit journeys in song. We’ll sing songs with parts–original songs, chants, rounds, as well as some jazz greats.

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Terry Garthwaite and Barbara Borden
An annual retreat the first weekend in June @Wellspring Renewal Center, Philo, CA Energize your spirit, empower your voice, soothe your soul through drumming, singing, sounding, sharing. Call (415) 388-5340 or 488-4778 for details

Terry Garthwaite has been creating infectious music since the ’60s in the Joy of Cooking. With the improvisation of jazz, expression of blues, textures and tones of world music, and the heart of a healer, Terry makes music that opens you to the joy of living. She currently leads workshops, classes and circles in rhythm and chant, emphasizing the joy of singing together, playing with sound and digging the musical garden.She has twice been awarded the Marin Arts Council’s Composers grant. Terry’s powerful music for body, mind and spirit radiates the healing nature of music and propels em-powerment and delight. Her songs have been used in workshops, meditation, surgery, bodywork, dancing, dusting, and driving to soothe, assure, inspire, revitalize. Her recent recordings–Sacred Circles and Affirhythms–are available through Ladyslipper Distribution or nJoy Sounds.

Terry Garthwaite nJoy Music

We are warrior women made of ancestor bone
We seek the spirit secrets in the deep unknown.

the Healing Vibration of Sound and Song

We in circle spin our webs
All around
Weaving our tales of life
In threads of sound
I am a warrior woman, made from ancestor bone,
sprung from the wombs of my grandmothers.
My grandmothers, the musicians.
And music has woven its theme through my life.
The sound of music and the music of sound.
I am a sound weaver, threading tones from head to toe.
I use the sound and the song
to breathe freedom through me and into you.
Freedom to speak up, to sing out, to dance on the edge.
To breathe in spirit, inspire and release.
I use the sound and the song
to invoke creativity and to vitalize your imagination.
To shake loose the cobwebs of old habits. To vibrate our spirits.
I use the song and the sound
to strew the seeds of love and sow connection and community.


Tell me about yourself and we will sing the song of you.
Original chant recordings, workshops, and sessions available through nJoy Music