Body / Mind Journeys




Table of Contents
The Author
The Healing Process
Underlying Cause: Breast Lumps
Ceremony for Saying Good-Bye (a Death)
Past Life – Wendy And The Ivory Coast
Underlying Cause: Motherhood And Rape
Cellular Consciousness: Cancer Of The Cervix
Kate: Healing After Abortion
Doris – An Unusual Case of Cording
Diabetes – Present Life Regression – Cellular Consciousness

“Reading these stories is like doing an apprenticeship with Joy. It’s so intimate. I feel grateful that Joy’s clients have allowed her to share these profoundly personal stories with us. It helps me to understand the depth and breadth of Joy’s work, and it gives me a doorway to step into being able to do this work myself.”

“Body/Mind Journeys is one of my favorites! I just love reading real stories of healing and transformation. So inspiring! I hope I can have stories like that of my own to tell one day!” — Hilde Meffert

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