Crystals & Aromatherapy—Balancing the Chakras




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This is Joy’s most popular workshop, Learn about the chakas in depth and become adept at using 47 crystals and 18 essential oils. Let the stones speak to you. Feel the energies of the colors. Smell the intoxicating aromas. Enrich your life, your home, and your healing practice with these powerful tools.

The Course is divided into 7 sections, for each of the 7 chakras.  Each section is about one hour,  Each one begins with general information about the chaka, including its location, the Excessive and Deficient and Balanced Personality Type associated with that chakra, and the internal organs and endocrine glands that are ruled by that chakra,  Joy talks about Color Healing, and how to use the dominant color of this chakra to balance the corresponding internal organs and endocrine glands. She gives the Sanskrit and other names and the geometric symbol for each chakra, with explanations for all this, along with the exact anatomical location, and some basic instruction on Anatomy and Physiology.

This is followed by an extensive section on Crystals, with at least three examples given for each chakra, and at least two essential oils.  This Course is designed for beginners as well as practitioners.  It is recommended that you purchase a handful of stones and oils, which are described at the beginning of the Course, so that you can participate in the Homework that is given at the end of each chakra.

9 hours of instruction

“I went through the Recordings today and have to tell you how much I love them! I teach online crystal classes and will be recommending these to my students.” -Hibiscus Moon, The Crystal Academy

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