Joyous Food for High Frequency People


You’re going to want this book whether you have food sensitivities or not, but if you do, it will make a huge difference in your life. These recipes span across virtually every cultural cuisine, including the very finest versions of Ratatouille, Mexican Refried Beans and Mombasa Fish Curry.



Joyous Foods for High Frequency People are foods that are free of dairy, wheat, refined sugar and red meat.  These foods will uplift you and bring you joy; they will resonate with your body and leave you feeling satisfied and happy. These are foods that don’t bring you down—they will keep you humming and feeling good, inside and out.

Make amazing salads and magnificent smoothies. Start the day with Banana Cream Oatmeal or a Mushroom Egg Fu Yung Omelet. Try the wheatless pancakes and muffins and noodle dishes. Sample a great Walnut Pate or Avocado Pesto.

Many of these recipes are specially indicated for potlucks and large group gatherings, including the Broccoli Custard, Fried Rice with Portobello Mushrooms, Chili Con Veggie, Indian Style Butternut Squash and Simple Dahl. Don’t forget the Pumpkin Soup and Minestrone Style Soup and Miso Tofu Soup. And what a fabulous recipe for Chai Tea without caffeine.

For the Omnivores, you can enjoy the Curried Chicken, Teriyaki Mahi Mahi and Chicken Salad in Papaya Bowls. For dessert, help yourself to the Custard Rice Pudding or Metaphysical Oat Bars or an Outrageous Banana Split. What fun!
(178 pages)

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