RMA Mystery School & Vibrational Energy Coach Certification Program

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An Online Course in Energy Healing

Answer Your Calling – Become a Healer – Follow your Life Path

The RMA Mystery School combines a one-year Certification Program
that gives in-depth Professional Training in the Healing Arts
with an optional additional two years.

For more Information please visit: What is the RMA Mystery School Program?

To register, please begin by filling out the Questionnaire.

Once you are accepted, the tuition is $100-200 per month, sliding scale (according to what you can afford), payable at the end of the previous month.  Tuition includes 4 free eBooks by Joy Gardner: Color & Crystals, The Healing VoiceBody/Mind Journeys & Joyous Food, and a 1/2 hour private monthly session with Joy.
Requirements for the Course include the Crystals and Aromatherapy recordings and the Toning the Chakras recording. Also reading Vibrational Healing through the Chakras by Joy Gardner.

2 reviews for RMA Mystery School & Vibrational Energy Coach Certification Program

  1. Jane Wallace

    This is an amazing course! Not only the content but the quality time spent with Joy. Of all the courses I have taken this is my favorite! Take the leap and enjoy this incredible journey!

  2. Stacie Lobreau

    I have been a student of Joy’s for two years and have benefited an immense amount from her knowledge, humour, and grace. I am so happy and blessed to share a sacred space with others who seek Light, Love and ever evolving experiences of expansion and growth. When I reflect on these past years, I am amazed by how many new skills and tools are within my grasp, and how much more secure I have become in my own self and the path I have been created to walk. I am grateful to have had support, guidance and learned new skills to re-program damaged aspects of my self; and am now able to help others do the same.

    Joy is a bright light with years (and lifetimes) of accumulated wisdom. One thing I really appreciate about Joy is how humble she is…being an ever evolving student of Life…and that she feels compelled to share with us what she is working on within her own life and self; and is just all around a genuine and authentic being. She is also able to create and hold a safe container for these classes. These nuances really make me feel comfortable to speak openly and freely about my own inner processes.

    I greatly appreciate the time I have spent with Joy and my classmates, and know that these experiences will continue to deepen and enrich my Life as I blossom into the being I was born to be. I feel I have but scratched the surface, which is why I will continue to learn and share with Joy and the other beautiful beings in our class.

    I highly recommend this course to anyone who is seeking to heal, to touch in deeply with their own true “self”, and who wishes to help others do the same…anchoring Love and Light onto this planet.

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