RMA Mystery School Questionnaire

If you would like to apply to the RMA Mystery School, please begin by filling out this Questionnaire. Then Joy will contact you within a week, to set up an Interview.
Your answers to the more personal questions are optional, but this information could help us to understand you better if you do enroll in the program. All information is kept confidential.)
Note : People of all sexual persuasions, races and colors are welcome in the program and will certainly not be discriminated against. If there is anything that is a source of discomfort in your life, please know that we try to create an atmosphere of unconditional love and acceptance, and we want you to feel free to write or talk about these issues when the time feels right. Anyone who attends these workshops is asked to have absolute commitment to preserving confidentiality about any personal information that is shared during the classes. You will be asked to leave your judgments behind. If this is difficult for you to do, that’s okay, as long as you see it as a challenge and are willing to be honest and work on changing your attitude (toward yourself and others).

Why a photo?

Photos are worth a thousand words–especially if you’re psychic! Don’t worry – you will not be discriminated against for anything related to your personal appearance.

Thanks for taking the time to do this,

Joy, Jane & Stacie (Soluna)