Enrolling in RMA is the best thing I have done! My spiritual growth has accelerated many fold.

At first, I was a bit apprehensive about making a year-long commitment. However, it is the best thing I could have done. Having weekly classes has helped in my Spiritual growth, keeping me focused and on track.

When I started, I knew there was something more to life than what I was living. Joy has opened up the doors, not only to healing and spirituality but also to me, to my soul, to my own personal mysteries.

I have uncovered so much about myself while learning tools that I can share with my clients. I feel certain that my spiritual development has been accelerated manyfold. Without the Mystery School. I would still be fumbling around in the dark.

Joy is the most perfect of teachers, imparting wisdom, and knowledge while encouraging us to bring out our own ideas and beliefs. I feel privileged to call Joy my teacher, my mentor, and friend.


Andrea Putting
Business Soul Coach


My experiences in RMA have been magical, transformative, and soul-expanding!

My experiences in the RMA Mystery School have been magical, transformative, and soul-expanding. Never before have I felt more in control of my life. I have learned to let go of a lot that has not served me, and to embrace who I am fully.

I know that there is much work to do, but the techniques Joy has taught me and the knowledge she has shared are definitely sacred and beautiful. I always feel so light and expansive while receiving or giving one of the sessions that we learned in the Program. Personally, I have completed almost 30 sessions and I can tell that this work is going to help me with my purpose and mission.

Joy is an amazing, incredible, wise, caring, and trustworthy Kumu (teacher). My classmates are also very dear to me. From the beginning of my journey with Joy and the others, I felt connected and safe. Joy is very effective at creating a safe space for us all to come as we are. She is non-judgmental and encourages us to be the same way.

I will miss this class and being able to speak with my “soul family” every Sunday, but I’m sure these “Legendary Lightworkers” will go on to spread these gifts to the rest of the world. I highly recommend working with Joy, as she is truly a blessing to this world!

Maximilian Webster
Teacher, Reiki Practitioner


After completing the RMA Mystery School Program, I feel more connected to something larger!

After completing the RMA Mystery School Program, I feel more connected to something larger and that makes me feel more secure and empowered—because I know how to access that bigger place.

The program has been a transformational journey for me. The exposure to so many exciting and interesting things has allowed me to subtly shift my paradigm to something that I have always known was right for me but didn’t have the support to nurture. Being with a group of like-minded, curious and open people gave us all the safety and strength to push ourselves to expand our boundaries. I now feel confident and grounded in my new way of being in the world. I recommend this program to others who are seriously committed and open to changing their lives.

Joy has a genuine interest in encouraging and empowering her students to expand themselves.

Sara V.


This class helps me feel that earth is a school and we are here to learn, not to suffer!

The RMA Mystery School not only taught me how to help others through the skills of Vibrational Healing; it truly created positive change within myself.
I love how Joy makes sure that we fully experience each healing technique before we begin to work on others.
The course is highly enriching.
This Program helps me to remember that there is more to this world than the physical. The situations that we go through have an undercurrent behind them that comes from a higher source, trying to show us the real meaning and purpose of life. It’s easy to forget, but this class helps me feel that earth is a school and we are here to learn . . . not to suffer.
I feel so blessed to learn from you, Joy Gardner. You are gracious, loving and wise!

Desiree Smith, Realtor
Holistic Healer, Reiki Practitioner


RMA taught me to break free of self-limiting beliefs and feel freer within myself!

The program is well-rounded and touches many bases, teaching many techniques on a wide spectrum.

I have broken free of self-limiting beliefs and I feel freer within myself and in my mind than I have yet experienced. This program helped to clear and cleanse my sight, to clear the Avidya that clouds the self. It has made me a clearer channel for God to work through, and it has helped me on the path of working on myself , through myself, and for the Collective Consciousness and the Greater Good of All.

I immensely enjoy having Joy as a mentor and teacher. I couldn’t imagine anyone else to do a Mystery School with.

The food was really good. All the meals were great.

Sara Crawford
Student of Nutrition & Holistic Healing


Listening to Joy’s voice calls to me from beyond, about something I forgot but know within.

Joy, when I listen to your voice, sometimes it calls to me from beyond—about something I forgot but I know within.

I felt so inspired after our class yesterday, I thought of you as Kumu. I grew up understanding the essence of this Hawaiian word to mean teacher or mentor; a master in their chosen craft.

I felt like there was another essence I recognized in you but I couldn’t find a word that fit. Was it mother-like? Not in any way I had experienced a mother and yes, in the way I’d imagine I would be mothered. Guiding, allowing, with an unspoken understanding that my actions are in no way intended to harm or inconvenience; I just do what I feel with totality (most of the time) and it feels like there’s something within you that resonates with something within me that melts my heart when I see your face. My whole experience softens.

Joy, when I listen to your voice, sometimes it calls to me from beyond—about something I forgot but I know within. You are sister-mother-mentor-friend, all in one.

I have a desire to offer you a token of my affection with a Hawaiian-inspired name/blessing. I feel that a name bears great influence on the energetic imprint that is carried, like a crystal. I’ve learned that our words, all of our words/thoughts are either a curse or a blessing, and I take care before I name a thing.

I prayed for guidance for your name. So it is with these intents, I understood your energy to translate as:
KUMU: foundation, the teacher, guide, beginning, source, origin. OLI’ OLI: closer to joy! If we combine KUMU OLI’ OLI, the essence it seems to carry is: One who guides, who leads, who is the beginning and the foundation, and who illuminates the path that moves us closer to JOY.

Thank you for being the light during a dark time in my life. Thank you for opening doors to new ideas. Thank you for helping me to feel wholeness and see truth. Thank you for offering a space of peace. Thank you for all the ways you bring bliss to our lives.

Lokelani Francine
Student of Life


What I learned and treasure the most is to awaken and get in touch with my Higher Self!

I am a Peruvian physician interested in developing skills to approach my patients in an integrative way. Therefore I searched through Joy’s book, Vibrational Healing Through the Chakras, and found out about the RMA Mystery School. I thought the Program was wonderful.

I had my worries about the development of the classes online but it went all successfully, the group bonded, integrated and resonated beautifully indeed.
What I learned and treasure the most is to awaken and get in touch with my Higher Self and Guidance so I can be a clear channel for manifesting not only the things I need or want but what gets me closer to my Life Purpose and helping others find their own way.

Joy, I always talk about you with my healing patients and refer to you as my “Hawaiian Master.” Every time I experience the joy and satisfaction of seeing them reunite with their High Self or Spirit Guides during a session, I cry tears of joy and say a big, “God, please bless Joy Gardner for this!” The soul can get tricky or cloudy sometimes, but we know a big, bright rainbow will come out, and the light within will shine through.

Stephanie Cabala Olazabel, MD
Specialty in Psychiatry, MBA in Health, Practice in the field of Neuroscience and Learning Disabilities