I am so very happy to share my experience with the Scalar Wave Cold Laser!

“I am so very happy to share my experience with the Scalar Wave Cold Laser. I am a massage therapist & have many clients that massage helped somewhat but with the laser I am seeing great progress. Here are but a few awesome true stories. “. . . . his wife was . . .… Read more “I am so very happy to share my experience with the Scalar Wave Cold Laser!”


Quantum wave Laser Rejuvenates Roses

New laser owner, Patrica R., was about to throw out her vase of 8 day old roses. They were sagging, unsightly and basically a shell of their original beauty. Instead, Patricia decided to see what her new laser could do for the flowers. At 9:43 am she used the laser and ran four 4-minute sessions… Read more “Quantum wave Laser Rejuvenates Roses”

Patrica R.

Laser helps knee issues

“The laser probe (780) for the Scalar Laser is one incredible probe. I am treating long standing knee problems . . . . In some cases immediate improvement with my patients. I take my Scalar home every day from the clinic to treat any problems I have from my Martial Arts Activity. It’s amazing!” This… Read more “Laser helps knee issues”


Great for our clients!

“We are very happy with our investment in the Scalar Wave Laser. It has been very beneficial for our clients, friends and ourselves. We recently treated a patient who had been suffering from back pain for 4 months. Three days after treatment she reported that the pain was completely gone. One week later she reported… Read more “Great for our clients!”

M. McCord

Good Clinical Example

“A very good clinical example happened in Dr. Brett Brimhall’s practice a few weeks ago. I have been using laser therapy since the early 70’s and Dr. Brett worked in my office from an early age. He has run Brimhall Chiropractic Clinic and now Brimhall Wellness Center for the last nine years. We have both… Read more “Good Clinical Example”

Dr. Brett Brimhall’s

Very impressed with the Scalar Laser Wave!

“We are very impressed with the effectiveness of the Scalar Wave laser. We used this with one of our clients who is 82 years old and has had a total knee replacement. She is considering having her other knee done too. She is unable to get a good nights sleep as she wakes up frequently… Read more “Very impressed with the Scalar Laser Wave!”

J. Schumacher

Relief after 5 minutes

“I received my 405 nm Violet Probe today and did not waste time in putting it to the test with a clients ankle injury. Relief was felt after 5 minutes. I used it on my sore neck and had immediate relief. I am so glad that I have purchased the 405. Now working with the… Read more “Relief after 5 minutes”


Intense Back Pain

“I want to let you know that after just one session under your care, the intense low back pain I’ve experienced for the past 2 weeks is virtually gone. I now feel relieved, rejuvenated, energetic and left wanting more light permeating my body. IT WORKS. I am referring all my friends and family to your… Read more “Intense Back Pain”

Tara Grace

Skateboard accident

” My son fell off his skateboard on his elbow. We used the Infa-Red Probe and in less than 30 seconds . . .pain… Read more “Skateboard accident”