“A very good clinical example happened in Dr. Brett Brimhall’s practice a few weeks ago. I have been using laser therapy since the early 70’s and Dr. Brett worked in my office from an early age. He has run Brimhall Chiropractic Clinic and now Brimhall Wellness Center for the last nine years. We have both had about every generation of Cold Lasers available. So, neither of us really thought there was much laser technology that would change our already incredible outcomes of patient treatment.
” A few weeks ago I was in the Mesa Seminar Office, which is next door to the clinic. Dr. Brett asked to use one of my Quantum Wave Lasers [aka the Scalar Wave Laser] to treat a few patients. To his surprise and joy he got results never before achieved. In fact, he got such good results, one patient ordered a Scalar Laser for their home use. Many of Dr. Brett’s patients come from out of town and even out of country. Dr. Brett was one of the first to order this laser and even his high expectations were met and exceeded. He already owns and uses 9 Low Level Lasers in his clinic and was getting miracles every day already.
” Scalar waves are revolutionary neutral waves of energy. They do not have polarity and therefore do not travel in a linear fashion. Scalar waves are unified field energy, which is technically, a non quantifiable state of energy, which makes up the entire universe in the concepts of Quantum Theory. This is a revolutionary approach to low level laser light technology. . . .
” The scalar wave is like the eye of a hurricane. With negative and positive ions flying around at incredible levels, the scalar wave is the still point that allows a calming and healing affect at a different level.
“In craniosacral therapy we work very hard to achieve a still point because the still point is a great healer. Just like much of our healing takes place during sleep, the tissues relax and heal at this deep level. The Quantum Wave Laser allows this still point by scalar waves inducing this affect.”