Program Description 2024

The Vibrational Healing Program occurs during the first year of the RMA Mystery School. It provides the option of becoming a Certified Vibrational Energy Coach.

This 12-month Program will be taught in weekly classes online, on Zoom, by RMA Graduates Jane Wallace from North Carolina and Soluna (Stacie Lobreau) from British Columbia, with some classes led by our Founder, Joy Gardner, from Hawaii.

There will also be a two-week segment, in person, on the Big Island of Hawaii, taught primarily by Joy Gardner, and held at her home at The House of Light  on the outskirts of Hilo, in the foothills of Mauna Kea.

The Vibrational Energy Coach Certification Program is based upon Joy Gardner’s book, Vibrational Healing Through the Chakras with Light, Color, Sound, Crystals and Aromatherapy, which is required reading (available through Amazon and all bookstores).

You will create a Manifestation Recording for yourself, so you can program your own subconscious to create the reality that you want

You will learn the use of Ho’oponopono, the Hawaiian practice of deep forgiveness, for alleviating emotional pain and resolving conflict.

With Trance Induction, you will practice Spiritual Journeys, where you will receive
instructions from your inner self and will probably meet your Spirit Guides.

With every modality, you will pair with another student and you will each have the opportunity to give and receive each form of healing.

You will learn Core Belief Reprogramming, to correct self-limiting beliefs that get stuck in the subconscious.

During the two-week in-person segment in Hawaii, you will learn techniques for Emotional Release — letting go of stuck emotions and freeing up the emotional body.
You will receive basic hospice training and become proficient at Compassionate Listening.


The Vibrational Healing Program occurs during the first year of the RMA Mystery School. It provides the option of becoming a Certified Vibrational Energy Coach.

You will release and express with your voice, with various methods of Toning and Sound Healing, individually and with the group.

You will learn Joy’s signature method of Vibrational Alignment, including how to feel the spin of energy at the chakras, for Chakra Diagnosis.

Finally, because this deep work sometimes attracts entities who are stuck between the worlds, you will learn how to Release Earthbound Spirits.

When you return from Hawaii, you will continue the Zoom classes and you will learn to do Distant Vibrational Alignment.

Also Past Life Regressions.

And Cellular Consciousness. Going in at the cellular level, you will trace the emotional and physical development of a chronic disease. There is an Underlying Cause for every dis-ease and imbalance in the body—even so-called “accidents.” The cause may be emotional or it may be karmic. Once we understand and process the cause, the dis-ease tends to slip away. This profound technique, pioneered by Joy Gardner, often leads to so-called  miraculous healings.

Once there is understanding of the Underlying Cause of dis-ease, we can use our knowledge of the Chakras and the vibratory tools of Light, Color, Sound, Crystals and Aromatherapy to help remove the old dysfunctional frequencies and bring in new beliefs and new energies that are conducive to health and harmony.

Interspersed with these classes, you will study quantum physics and epigenetics, to gain greater understanding of the principles of energy medicine, and you will beexpected to read and watch videos from Bruce Lipton, Naasim Haramein, Lynn McTaggart, Deepok Chopra and Hawaiian wisdom-keeper, Hale Makua.

Finally, during the last month, you will be given time to work on one another in order to complete all of your Client Feedback Forms, so that you can qualify for  Certification. If you wish to be Certified, you will be required to perform each modality on one other person, and to have them fill out a Client Feedback Form.

When you graduate after the first year, you will have the option of continuing indefinitely in monthly meetings with other graduates of the RMA Mystery School. by this time you will have formed deep connections with other Chelas, and these monthly meetings are an opportunity to ask questions, hone your skills, work on one another, do channelings for one another and receive guidance from Joy and Jane and Soluna, and their Spirit Guides, including Pink Tara and Dr. Lang. You can plunge deeper into the realms of self-knowledge and personal transformation, while learning to heal on a planetary level.
There will also be reunions in Hawaii and elsewhere.

I love this Program! I have retrieved my soul because of it. I finally feel
like I belong here.—Cindy LeBaron