Welcome to the

RMA Mystery School

and Vibrational Healing Certification Program

An Online Course in Energy Healing

Welcome to the RMA Mystery School

The RMA Mystery School combines an online one-year Vibrational Energy Coach Certification Program that gives in-depth professional training in the healing arts, with an optional additional two-year experience of personal transformation. RMA stands for Rejuvenation, Manifestation and Ascension.

During the first year, live classes are taught weekly on Zoom by Joy Gardner, and students are strongly encouraged to come to Hawaii for 11 days of hands-on instruction. Students are trained in 21 healing modalities, which they practice on one another.

Additionally, if they wish to be certified, they are required to perform these modalities on other people and to collect a requisite number of Client Feedback Forms, to demonstrate their proficiency.

They also study quantum physics and epigenetics, to gain greater understanding of the underlying principles of energy medicine.


During the second year, students continue to study with Joy, as well as with a staff of experts in various fields related to metaphysical studies, nutrition and practical self-care.


During the third year, students work primarily with Joy as they plunge deeper into the realms of self-knowledge and personal transformation, while learning to heal on a planetary level.

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