As a current or potential practitioner of Energy Medicine, the Vibrational Energy Coach Certification Program, which is taught during Phase 1 of the RMA Mystery School, will give you tools that will augment your practice exponentially.

You will learn that illness is just the tip of the iceberg—a clue for what lies beneath the surface. You will learn how to seek out the Underlying Cause of Dis-ease, which serves as a key to unravel the multiple layers of unfinished business, pain, sorrow, unexpressed emotions and fear that keep us caught up in the wheel of karma.

The most crucial skill that you will learn in the RMA Mystery School is the ability to access your own Highest Intelligence—to overcome confusion and trust your Inner Voice. You will be trained in how to empty your mind, so that you have the clearest and cleanest contact with your Guidance. Whether your challenges are financial, emotional, intellectual or spiritual, you will always know exactly what to do. You will learn to distinguish this Voice from the other voices that go round and round in your head. You will eliminate those other voices.

You will have the opportunity to choose to become a Certified Vibrational Energy Coach as you perform a requisite number of healings in each of the 21 modalities that you learn.

Over the next year, your Phase 1 Journey will include:

  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT or “tapping”) is a form of Energy Psychology that unites the emotional body and the physical body through the acupuncture meridians, in order to short-circuit habitual patterns, PTSD, and pain.
  • Ho’oponopono is an ancient Hawaiian form of resolving conflict and making things right, through loving forgiveness.
  • You will learn to harmonize your subconscious and conscious minds through the process of Core Belief Reprogramming.
  • You will learn to care for the precious gift of your body .
  • Your mind is indeed a part of the experience, so you will have the opportunity to study the work of Bruce Lipton and the new biology of epigenetics, that is responsive to vibrational signals. You will be exposed to quantum physics, as a way of understanding energy medicine, so that you can understand and explain this work to others, from a perspective that is grounded in science as well as empirical experience.
  • The Recommended Books and Videos will take you deeper into your own internal revelations, acting as catalysts, providing a shared body of knowledge, so that the mind can participate and hold its own.
  • You will travel inside your body to discover the root causes of dis-ease and imbalance. By daring to delve deeply into your body mind spirit and emotions, you will encounter your own demons: your own grief, your own unresolved past. You will learn how to release your emotions, how to drain your pool of sorrow and how to find resolution.
  • You will meet and work with your Spirit Guides
  • You will travel inside your body (Cellular Consciousness) and out-of-body and into Past Lives , to have some of the most profound experiences of your life.

The crowning glory of the Vibrational Healing Certification Program occurs during the Retreat in Hawaii, where you will experience Joy’s Signature Vibrational Alignment™ process, which combines all of the above with Chakra Diagnosis; feeling the spin of energy at each of the chakras, and balancing that energy through the use of the vibratory tools: light, color, sound, crystals and aromatherapy, integrating all of the 21 modalities you have learned. 

“VibrationaL Alignment™ is a most beautiful tool for balancing the overall energy and supporting the emotional, spiritual and physical bodies. It integrates the use of crystals, aromatherapy, and voice with being always present and giving full attention to the healing process while asking questions and listening to the client’s response. I was pleasantly surprised by what a wonderful system this is—it has many aspects and whatever is needed for a specific client is in this tool bag.”  — Brigitta Reybold, Canada


By systematically eliminating all that you are not, you will discover your hidden abilities. You will re-member why you came here. You will discover the Mystery that you are. Then, like the caterpillar, you will spin your cocoon as you create your own imaginal cells that will turn into the butterfly/priest/priestess/shaman/healer that you hold as potential within yourself. If this information makes your heart sing, then you belong with us.  TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS. Contact us!

We Invite You to Join Us at RMA Mystery School

Learn Energy Medicine, Energy Healing, Manifestation, Rejuvenation, Ascension, Emotional Healing, Holistic Healing, Crystal Healing, Color Healing, Spiritual Health, Regression Therapy, Sound Therapy and other New Age Alternative Medicine technologies with proven workshops and seminars from an expert in Vibrational Healing and Vibrational Medicine. A Certification Program is also available.